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Like any other institution, the DoD is also exposed to cybersecurity incidents. We have a long list of third-party subcontractors and contractors that conduct business with the DoD and this should not come as a surprise. There are contractors who don’t meet the requirements hence leading to several security incidences. That is why the DoD always looks for contractors who are CMMC certified.

CMMC-Certified-mission tx

It is hard to do business with this department unless you meet the above standards. It is a great way to enhance the cybersecurity framework of the DoD. The best company to help you with compliance to the set standards in Mission, Texas is IQC The ISO Pros. Here are five points to note as you aspire to learn more about getting CMMC certification in Mission, Texas (TX).

The scope of CMMC includes the organizations that sell to or work with the DoD. The organization has to comply regardless of the kind of work that it conducts or its size. Most of them are big technology companies that provide services and software to the DoD. CMMC primarily focuses on 3rd parties that bid on DoD contracts or hold their contracts. However, there are several improvements that are expected on this standard along the way.

Before the introduction of CMMC, DoD expected all the subcontractors and contractors to comply with NIST SP 800-171. This is also the case with the new framework but other portions of the new standard are brewed in the current cybersecurity model. It brings together ISO 27032, ISO 27001, and NIST SP 800-53. The goal of the department is to create a unified standard that measures the maturity of the institutionalization of the cybersecurity practices and processes of the company.

CMMC certifications are determined by independent and accredited 3rd party certified organizations and this is one of its most impactful requirements. The agencies rate how compliant the contractor is with the CMMC standards. The rating ranges from one to five and five is the most mature from the standpoint of CMMC.

The qualification process of CMMC is assigned from a level of 1 to 5. 1 represents the basic cyber hygiene while 5 is the advanced or progressive level. There are specific parameters around what it takes to meet the criteria at each maturity level. The government determines the maturity tier that is assigned to contracts.

If you are compromised, there is a possibility of losing your certification. When dealing with breaches in security, it is a matter of ‘when’ and not ‘if.’ Therefore, if you are certified and a security breach happens, you will not lose your certification. However, depending on the kind of compromise, you may be forced to get recertified. It means that the contractor will incur some additional costs.

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Before certification, you have to determine whether you are in scope. The next step is to assess your security program. IQC The ISO Pros will walk with you through this journey so that you can become CMMC certified.

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