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The implementation of ISO 20000 appears to be a daunting task. The process-based methodology typically has four stages. These include process prototyping, building, implementation, and tuning. This article will talk more about the second stage which is process building. The stage basically has one milestone and three tasks.

ISO 20000 Certified mission tx

Process Mapping

Process mapping is the initial thing when building a process. You have to start by laying the groundwork for your process. It entails figuring out the concepts, basic theory, requirements, scope, objectives, and terminology. It is a crucial step because you have to make sure that all people share the same vision. After doing so, you need working sessions, to map out the activities that define the process.

You need to prepare well if you want to be efficient in your operations. In the prototyping stage, you will be producing the prototype. You may require a few stages depending on the length, maturity, and complexity of the process. However, the mapping should not take more than four working sessions. Every session can last for approximately four hours.

In the first session of mapping, define the deliverables that you require to complete the process and assign precise tasks and dates. When you map the process, you will identify what is missing to comply so that you can succeed in the implementation. It also has to comprise process and status milestones.

Work Product Development

The objective of this task is to adjust or building work and document products that are related to the process. The deliverables could be the escalation procedures, contact lists, instructions, etc. You need to use it in managing work products. The key here is recycling and this task is highly eco-friendly. The objective here is continuous improvement and hence you should not begin from scratch.

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Process Validation

Most things go wrong at this stage. However, if you are the one who is in charge of validation, the success of the ISO 20000 implementation rests on your shoulders. You need to avoid the usual pitfalls in the whole process at this point.

Hold a validation process with the key members who are involved in the process in one room. Review the whole process from one activity to another. It is normal to have varying opinions during project validation. Make sure you successfully transform it into a process that reflects the reality of the organizations together with all the individuals that are involved. The biggest challenge is bringing all people back to the main goal. However, you can implement it within a very short period. Don’t also aim for perfection because this takes place at the tuning stage.

By now, you understand the composition of ISO 20000. It is good to allow professionals to help you with the implementation of this standard. The best brand for those who run business in Mission, Texas (TX) is IQC The ISO Pros. The consultants will help you with the training and support the implementation process.

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