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The ISO 27001 international standard is also referred to as ISO/IEC 27001. It covers the ISMS (Information Security Management System) of the organization. The standard is designed in very general terms to be able to extend its coverage to all sizes and types of organizations. However, lacking specificity can be at the same time an obstacle when you want to apply the ISO standard to a specific situation. At this point, ISO 2700 consultants can remove a great share of the burden by helping you to interpret and apply this standard that is comparatively new. If you work or do business in Mission, Texas, the best brand to help you out is IQC The ISO Pros.

ISO 20000 Certified mission tx

ISO 27001 standard was published in 2005 and it is part of the ISO/IEC 2700 standard’s family that is related to information security. For instance, ISO 27002 has the code of practice for information security management. You can easily use it hand in hand with ISO 27001 while setting up an ISMS. Since these are formally established standards, it is practical for an entity to be certified as compliant with the relevant authorities. To be able to achieve this, the organization should hire the services of ISO 27001 consultants like IQC The ISO Pros.

There are two roles that these consultants can do. They can advise your organization on the changes that you need to implement in order to become compliant with the standard. Consultants can also work as auditors and carry out the certification process itself. These are two mutually exclusive roles because an ISO 27001 consultant will not also certify the same organization that he advised previously. 

The standard that is published comparatively fives very little details. Therefore, ISO 27001 consultants should have a lot of experience in this business. The scope of experience should cut across several varied companies and a senior information security role. It will give them the necessary insights that are required to apply the clauses of ISO 27001 standards to the particular situation of the said organization.

As you choose ISO 27001 consultants, there are certain questions that you need to ask them. The first thing to understand is the qualification of the consultant. It can be CISSP from ISC2, CISM from ISACA, or the new CGEIT from ISACA. The ISO 27001 standard is the same as section two of the BS7799 Old British Standards that was published in 2002. IQC The ISO Pros demonstrate extensive experience in the implementation of the ISO 27001 standard.

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It is good to go for a consultancy firm that can give you some references or testimonials from past customers. Look at the success rate of the firm in certifying and training other companies that are similar to yours. Has it helped any company to become successfully accredited with ISO 27001? If the success rate is quite low, it is good to go for another brand. There is no need to realize that you have made a mistake after you have already hired someone for the work.

To sum it up, it is good to search for specialists to help you with ISO 27001 accreditation. If your business is in Mission, Texas (TX), the best company is IQC The ISO Pros. You can be sure of getting the best training and help in implementing the ISO 27001 standards.

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